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Lash Larger Magnifying Glasses

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Magnify your work in true Pink Queen style with GladGirl® Lash Larger Magnifying Glasses. These ultra-stylish baby pink glasses are as resilient and powerful as they are lightweight and comfortable. Crafted with optical quality lenses ranging from 1.50X - 2.50X magnification, each lens has been coated with a special abrasion-resistant formula. With the Lash Larger Magnifying Glasses, you can find power in the details of your application process in true lash artist style.

Please note, lenses are not interchangeable. Purchase is for one pair of magnification lenses attached.

Four magnifications available:

  • 1.75x = 14" Focal Range
  • 2.00x = 10” Focal Range
  • 2.25x = 8” Focal Range
  • 2.50x = 6 2/3” Focal Range

How to Use: Lash Larger Magnifying Glasses

  1. Grab your desired strength glasses and place them comfortably on your face when you are ready to start lashing.
  2. When finished, place back into a protective cover to ensure no scratches or damage occurs.

Pro Tip: 

Be sure to keep a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth handy to safely clean your lenses between clients to ensure smudge free lenses