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Lash & Brow Microbrush - 100 per quantity

Calling all Lash and Brow lovers! These disposable Microbrush Applicators are what you’ve been searching for. Grab these fine-tip lint free applicators anytime you’re doing a Brow Lamination or LashLift service for ultra precision when applying the lifting and laminating solutions. These brushes are designed to get in between each and every lash or brow hair to achieve ultimate coverage of your solutions every time.

These brushes are also multifunctional as you can use them in your lash removal process as the fine-tip nature of these applicators allow you to place removers close to the lash line while steering clear of the skin.

How To Use: Lash & Brow Microbrush

  1. Grab a few applicators and have them handy next to you for when the times comes.
  2. Grab a fresh and clean applicator and apply a small amount of product to the very tip of the applicator.
  3. Very carefully apply the solution to the brows or lashes as close to the base as possible, steering clear of the skin.
  4. When finished, be sure to toss immediately and grab a new applicator for any new solutions