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Lash Box

Spend your day in a minimalist oasis with GladGirl® Lash Box! You’ll want to get your hands on this clear acrylic lash extension box if you’re a lover of all things organization, with a touch of modern design. Our Lash Box is ideal for organizing and storing all of your clients lash extension strips, up to 10 rows, in one sleek container. Crafted from clear acrylic, the rounded lid fits snugly over the tile base; ensuring each palette is protected from any dust or other environmental elements.

The Lash Box helps you curate your clients lash looks while streamlining the aesthetic of your work space. So kick back in zen style with GladGirl® Lash Box. See How to Use.

Beautiful decor and customized lash organization? You can have it all with GladGirl® Lash Box - eyelash extension storage container. This sleek and modern design box allows you to keep all your most used lashes in one minimalist location. Simply grab your box and lash away knowing your lashes have been kept safe from any dirt, dust or debris that can affect lash retention. When finished with your gorgeous lash extension set, simply place this box in your studio for beautiful decor that is bound to turn heads. 


How to use: Lash Box


  1. Grab your favorite GladGirl® Lashes and firmly place strip down in desired location .
  2. When finished with your set, place lid back on your box to keep lashes safe and free from dust.
  3. To replace the strip, gently remove unwanted lash row(s) and toss in trash. 
  4. Follow up with alcohol to remove any residual glue left over from your strip, and replace with a fresh new row.