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Lash Bath Bottle - 250ml

Lightweight and ultra-simple to use, GladGirl® Lash Bath Bottle is the perfect pre-application tool for giving your clients natural lashes a bath, leaving them ready for the ultimate lash set. Easy to fill and use, gently squeeze the plastic bottle to allow for a controlled flow of distilled water, after using oil-free makeup remover pads or our Wash and Wink Shampoo + Conditioner. Wash, Rinse, Lash & Repeat!

Ensure perfect lash prep with this oh so simple Lash Bath Bottle. This bottle helps flush the lashes of any leftover cleaner, with its angled nozzle; helping to get into the inner and outer corner with ease. Be sure to reach for this Lash Bath Bottle rather than wiping your clients lashes with a paper towel to remove the cleaner as it will not only remove the residue more effectively, but also help from pulling the lash extensions off.


To help flush the lashes without causing irritation to the eye, have your client tilt their head to the left or right to help the water run off their eye rather than into it. To catch the water run off, grab either a tray or paper toweling to help keep your clients dry and comfortable.