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Lash Applicator Headband

Dark Brown

Stop fighting your clients' (not always so) lovely hair with GladGirl® Lash Applicator headband! Simply push your clients locks back and place this life saver of a headband over your client's head. Not only does this application headband help keep everything sleek and organized, but it’s attached lash and glue palette helps speed up your lashing process by keeping all of your lash necessities front and center.

Keep your glue and lashes where they belong- front and center with GladGirl® Lash Applicator headband. This headband comes in black, brown or pink; letting you match the headband to your studio aesthetic! Help organize your clients lash length and weight needs by creating a palette specifically for them; simply grab your clients palette out, and slip it into the headband for a streamlines lashing process every time. This headband comes with 10 plastic client palettes, while our disposable glue cups, GladGirl® lashes, and length stickers are sold separately.


How to Use: Lash Applicator Headband

  1. Apply headband over client's head, ensuring all hair is pushed back. 
  2. For client comfort, apply your desired lashes on client palette before attaching to the headband.
  3. Attach glue cup to the front of the palette with a piece of double sided tape (sold separately).
  4. Attach palette to the headband by slipping into the premade pockets.
  5. When finished store the palettes for future appointment, and remove the headband. Simple, easy and mess free.