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Large Rectangle Silicone Lash Palette

GladGirl® Large Rectangle Silicone Lash Palette is a loose lash lover's dream! This large silicone palette is great to use if you like to work with free-floating lashes, rather than working off a lash strip, as you can place them directly on this pad and they won't slip and slide. This palette can also be placed on top of our Lash Layout Base, to help keep your products like glue cups, spoolies, etc from sliding and hitting the ground during your lashing day!

Grab this silicone palette and have ample room to keep all your products in place even with the biggest of bumps and movements. See How to Use.

Size: 5.875" x 9"

How to Use: Large Rectangle Silicone Lash Palette 

  1. Remove silicone palette from protective plastic and place directly on the lashing bed or on our GladGirl® Lash Layout Base to help products from sliding, as well as a good place to set down loose lashes.
  2. To clean, wash in warm water with a mild fragrance free soap. Let sit out to air dry or gently dry with a lint free towel.
  3. When finished, place the silicone palette back into the protective plastic to extend the life.