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Knot Free Cluster Lashes

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Introducing GladGirl® Knot Free Flare Cluster Lashes – the perfect choice for both DIY beauty enthusiasts and professional makeup artists. With a legacy of crafting exceptional lashes since the 1980s, our unique design stands out in the beauty industry. Made from the highest quality synthetic fibers, these cluster lashes offer a stunning, natural look that enhances any eye with their extreme flare and curl.

Ideal for special events or everyday wear, GladGirl® Knot Free Flare Cluster Lashes can be easily applied at home or by a professional. For a quick DIY application, use our GladGirl® Lash Lock Glue, available with or without latex, for a secure hold lasting 3-7 days. For a longer-lasting effect, our GladGirl® 5 Star Pro Sensitive Adhesive provides a hold of up to 1-2 weeks.

Whether you're prepping for a big event or offering lash services to your clients, these cluster lashes deliver maximum impact and satisfaction. Elevate your lash game with GladGirl® Knot Free Flare Cluster Lashes – the top choice for achieving full, luscious eyelashes. Shop now and experience the GladGirl® difference.

These versatile lashes can be applied for both a natural and a more dramatic look (more impact than single hair lashes). For a more natural look, combine lengths: under, short and medium.

Each tray contains 60 clusters

Available in both 10 or 14 hairs per cluster.

Hand Made

  • Under = 9 to 10mm
  • Short = 11 to 12mm
  • Medium = 13 to 14mm
  • Long = 15 to 16mm