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Hy-Tape Zinc Oxide Based

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Keep your clients skin healthy and irritation free with Hy-Tape Unique Zinc Oxide-Based Adhesive. This latex free, waterproof tape is ideal for extended wear (like full sets) and secures to even the hardest to stick surfaces like wet, oily or hairy skin. Although this tape packs a punch when it comes to adsevive power, rest assured that when the time comes for removal, it will remove easily and without any residue or skin damage. This tape is also washable, meaning if you decide to place this tape down before you cleanse your clients lashes, no harm will be done!

Protect those delicate under-eyes with Hy-Tape Unique Zinc Oxide-Based Adhesive. See How to Use.

This irritation free tape is intended to be used on top of your fav GladGirl®Under-Eye Pad to help secure those baby lower lashes. Because of the gentle nature of this tape, it’s also a great choice to use if applying tape directly to the skin, like when you’re looking to calm fluttering eyes or maneuver the upper eyelid for easier access to the inner and outer corner lashes.


How to Use: 

  1. After placing down your desired under-eye pads, grab two pieces at your desired length of Hy-Tape Unique Zinc Oxide-Based Adhesive. Place this tape down in an “x” formation, this helps ensure you grab any small lashes that the under-eye pad may have missed.
  2. After your lash set is over, gently remove and toss in the trash 

Pro Tip: 

Because of the material of this tape, our Product Experts recommend cutting with scissors, rather than tearing, to ensure clean edges that are easy to work with!