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GladGirl False Lashes Bundle - Glam Goddess MinuteLash

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GladGirl MinuteLash is a new, easy way to achieve that professional lash look on your own. These hybrid lashes combine the best of flare and strip lashes. Easy to apply, these revolutionary lashes will have you lash-ready in a Minute. The Glam Goddess style is the right choice if you're wanting to add more glamour to your life.

The MinuteLash is split into 4 different sections, one for each eye. This makes for an easy hold in your hand with the application tool and simple to apply to your natural lash line. You can customize your look using the 4 different sections. You can simplify your look with less, or go all out and try all 4 sections at once!

The kit comes ready with applicator and GladGirl Strip & Flare Lash Lock Glue. This glue will extend the hold of GladGirl MinuteLash, providing an amazing hold for up to 5 days. MinuteLash can be easily removed with our Make-Up Remover Wipes. This adhesive can be used by both professionals and non-professionals. (This adhesive contains latex, so be sure to check for latex sensitivity before use).

DIY lashes in a minute with GladGirl MinuteLash!. Also available in NATURAL look.