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Lint Free Eye Gel Patches - 10 Pairs per Quantity

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GladGirl® Lint Free Eye Gel Patches help protect your client’s delicate under eye while leaving their skin looking brighter and more youthful. These Collagen and arbutin infused patches help protect natural lower lashes while simultaneously offering a slow release, patented formula that delivers beneficial nutrients to the under eye area according to your client’s skin temperature.

Simply place these pads on the lower lashes at the beginning of your service and let them work their magic while you work yours! Leave your client feeling like they just left a day at the spa with GladGirl® Lint Free Eye Gel Patches. See How to Use.

Protect those natural lower lashes while pampering your client with GladGirl® Lint Free Eye Gel Patches. Place these patches down after cleaning your clients lashes and before your priming step (if using for eyelash extension application) to ensure the pads stay dry and in place for the duration of your service. These pads are designed to protect your client’s skin from excess adhesive as well as keep the lower lashes from sticking to the upper lashes. We recommend using these pads with lash tape to ensure all the natural lower lashes are property protected. These pads can also be used for lash tints, lifts or makeup services. Leave your clients glowing and beautiful and ready to take on the day with GladGirl® Lint Free Eye Gel Patches. 


How to Use: Lint Free Eye Gel Patches

  1. Remove backing from both eye pads and place directly to the lower lashes, using caution to leave space between the water line and pad to avoid pain or eye injury.
  2. We recommend using lash tape to help protect any lashes that the pads may not have covered (if using for an eyelash extension or lash lift application).
  3. When your service is completed gently remove both pads and toss in the trash.
  • Dimensions: 2.75" long x 1" wide (inner eye corner) to 1" wide (outer eye corner)