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Eyelash Pre Application Primer


Meet the holy grail of perfectly prepared lashes - GladGirl® Pre-Application Primer. This scented eyelash extension primer is the last step in your lash prep, helping further prepare your client’s lashes for extensions. Pre-Application Primer helps remove any oils and buildup that may have been left behind after your initial cleansing as well as helps maximize your lash retention, helping clients get more out of each set. This primer also helps the adhesive bond faster which will further streamline your service and cut back on precious time! Our Application Primer is safe to use on natural and extended lashes, making it the go-to primer for every appointment.

Let your client lie back and enjoy the relaxing aromatherapy this primer offers, all while ensuring their lashes are perfectly prepped for maximum adhesive bonding. See How to Use it below.

Please Note: PH Level is 7 for both primers.

GladGirl® Pre-Application Primer is the product you’ve been searching for. Not only does our eyelash extension primer ensure your client’s lashes are free of any oils or buildup that often affects adhesive bonding, but your clients may find themselves drifting into a lash-nap oasis while surrounded by this primer’s relaxing aromatherapy. GladGirl® Pre-Application Primer is your last step in your lash prepping process and is used AFTER your initial cleansing treatment.

How to Use: Eyelash Pre Application Primer

  1. Start by cleaning the lashes using a cleansing solution like Wash and Wink™
  2. Squeeze a drop of GladGirl® Pre-Application Primer onto a micro brush and gently swipe across the lash line and down the length of the lash, ensuring you prime both the top and bottom of the lash for optimum results.
  3. Voilà! Your client’s lashes are now properly prepped and ready for maximum retention every time!