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Eyelash Extension Mirror 60mm

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Get up close and personal with your lash application with the help of GladGirl® 60mm Eyelash Extension Mirror! This angled mirror allows you to check under the lash line for symmetry as well as identify any lash gaps from several vantage points with ease and efficiency. The mirror can also help ensure your client’s lids are closed and that eye pads are staying in place throughout the extension application. The larger surface area of the 60mm mirror allows you to see the lash set as a whole from the perfect vantage point to ensure it’s picture perfect every time.

This mirror is also a great tool to use to check for any lashes that might be stuck to the under eye pad before any discomfort may arise. Angle the lash view and enhance your process for a truly outstanding, balanced application result.

Add some serious angle to your view and enhance lash application with the Eyelash Extension Mirror by Glad Lash®. This light weight mirror has been constructed with solid stainless steel with a hollowed out handle, making checking the underside of your lash sets a breeze. The stainless steel material of this mirror makes clean up and sanitation simple and quick as you can sanitize this mirror in between clients with the same process as your tweezer sanitization. Look at life from a different angle!


Be sure to sanitize this mirror after every use the same way you sanitize your tweezers. Because of the stainless steel material this mirror can be soaked in Barbicide.

  • Total Length: 7.25"
  • Handle Length: 6"
  • Mirror Diameter: 1.5"W x 2.25"L