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Eyelash Extension Mirror 30mm

View your finished masterpiece up close and personal with the 30mm Glad Lash®, Eyelash Extension Mirror! This angled mirror allows you to check under the lash line for symmetry as well as identify any lash gaps from several vantage points with ease and efficiency. The mirror can also help ensure your client’s lids are closed and that eye pads are staying in place throughout the extension application.

View your work from a whole new angle, helping enhance your process for a truly outstanding, balanced application result.

Add some serious angle to your view and enhance lash application with the Eyelash Extension Mirror by GladGirl®. This light weight mirror is constructed with solid stainless steel with a hollowed out handle. This design offers the ability to closely and quickly check that your lash extensions are laying properly during application without the bulk of using a large hand held mirror to check your work. This 30mm mirror is not only ideal for making sure your lashes are laying properly, but can also help you identify gaps in your lash set that you may not see from the above angle. Use this mirror periodically throughout your set to ensure the final result is flawless!

Pro Tip

Are you a beginner lash artist that may be struggling with your clients lash extensions sticking to the under eye pads? If this is the case, look no further than our 30mm Eyelash Extension Mirror! Grab this mirror at the end of your service before you remove the under eye pads and gently lift your clients lashes with your tweezers and take a look in the mirror; this will reveal if any of the lashes may be sticking to the pads so that you can remove them and assure your client has optimal comfort during pad removal.