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Duo Angled Brow Brush

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Bring your best brow forward with the Duo Angled Brush by GladGirl®. This dual sided brush offers high-quality synthetic bristles on one end and a spoolie brush at the other end; offering you two brow necessities in one. First, sculpt and perfect those brows with powder or gel using the angled brush, and then flip the brush over to use the spoolie to blend to achieve a beautiful natural look. This tool can also be used as an eyeliner brush! Just simply dip the angled side into your favorite eyeshadow and apply to the lash line!

Perfect for grooming and blending, make your brows Insta-Worthy with the Duo Angled Brush.

Are you ready to create a brow worthy of being #Trending? This all in one brow brush has you covered. With GladGirl’s® Duo Angled Brush you can create brows the internet will rave about. Try out the “soap brow” trend by using the spoolie end of this brush in your fav brow gel product and brushing through your brows to create a lifted and fluffy appearance. Finish the look off by flipping this brush over to the other side and adding in any extra brow like hair strokes with the densely packed bristles and your go to brow color. In search of the perfect colored brow gel? Pair this brush with GladGirl EyeBrows On Point Brow Gel.

How to Clean your Duo Angled Brush 

  1. After each use if being used on a client or every week or two if used personally, be sure to wash your brush for the best results.
  2. First wet each side of your brush with distilled water to ensure no buildup occurs.
  3. Using a mild soap apply to the brush and gently massage into both sides.
  4. Run under warm water until all soap have been washed away and lay out to dry.