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Dumont Swiss Engineered Tweezers for Classic Lashes

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GladGirl® is delighted to offer three types of Dumont Tweezers created specifically for classic lash extensions from this remarkable Swiss company. Always keeping our customers' needs in mind, these Dumont tweezers have the distinction of being totally hand crafted and made to our specifications. 3 tip and length variations are offered in our Dumont tweezer series, making them ideal for almost any lash artist! You will absolutely fall in love with the quality of these lash tweezers.

Available in 4.53” Angular, 5.24” 45 Degree Tip for classic lashes. All variations feature an appealing stainless steel matte finish that is easily sanitized at the end of each day! Fall in love with lashing all over again.

To view all options available in the Dumont collection, click here.

Dumont Tweezers for classic lashes:

  • 4.53” Angular - This tweezer has been specially designed to grab onto and carefully hold classic lash extensions. These tweezers allow you to pick up thin classic lashes, causing no bends or damage with the fine and precise tips. 
  • 5.24” 45 Degree Tip - These tweezers are hand crafted and made specifically for your isolation needs. Perfect for isolating your clients’ natural lashes, as the tips easily separate when pressure is lessened, allowing you to easily isolate the natural lash with very little extra effort to keep the tweezers separated properly. This allows for less hand and finger fatigue during long lashing days.


Did you accidentally get glue on your tweezers? No problem! Grab your GladGirl®Tweezer Cleaner to quickly and easily remove any glue before it causes a headache in your lashing day.