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Dumont Application Kit

GladGirl® is changing the lashing game by offering three types of tweezers from the remarkable company Dumont. Always keeping our customer's needs in mind, these instruments have the distinction of being totally hand-crafted and made to our specifications. Enjoy the quality to be found in every facet of these Dumont tweezers.

This unique and completely handcrafted kit includes:

  • SS/45 Stainless Matte Finish - 5.24"
  • SS Stainless Matte Finish - 5.32"
  • 5A Stainless Matte Finish - 4.53"

Protect your lash tools with a custom-designed wood box with white varnish and a logo from Dumont. Holds three tweezers with a molded foam insert.

Dumont Application Kit Includes: 

  • SS/45 Stainless Matte Finish - 5.24"
  • SS Stainless Matte Finish - 5.32"
  • 5A Stainless Matte Finish - 4.53"
  • White Lacquer 3 Tweezer Wood Box with molded foam

The advantage of Inox, the alloy used in making these hand-made tweezers, is that chromium is added to the carbon steel making it one of the hardest, yet lightest alloys available. This blend offers optimum stainless qualities resulting in excellent resistance to corrosion. The Dumont SS standard tip and 5A micro-blunted tips are smooth on the inside for a gentle grip. Applying full strength will not separate the tips and a strong hold on even the thinnest lashes is ensured. Dumont standard tips are made for consistent, high precision work under magnification. The handle style is a distinctively ribbed to provide a better holding surface for maximum control of the tweezer.


Founded by Arnold Dumont in 1881, Dumont Swiss Made Tweezers have enjoyed a long history anchored in superior quality and craftsmanship. Specializing in precision instruments, the company is known for utilizing the best raw materials resulting in the finest of products. With a company life spanning five generations, Dumont remains an industry leader at the forefront of exceptional standards.


Always place your tweezers back in the included wood case, as a drop to the floor can be detrimental to the delicate tweezer tips.