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Doll Eye Lash Map Sticker


Achieve a captivating, wide-eyed look in record time with GladGirl Doll Eye Lash Map Stickers. Ideal for eyelash extension mapping, these stickers help you quickly and easily place the correct length for a perfect Doll Eye style. This mapping technique focuses on lengthening the center of the lash line, giving a beautifully open and youthful appearance.


  • Perfect for creating the Doll Eye style.
  • Easily fits on any eye gel patch or tape under the eye.
  • Enhances the eye shape with longer lengths in the center.

Explore Our Other Lash Map Styles:

  • Cat Eye Lash Map Stickers: Achieve an elongated, lifted look with this lash map that places the longest lengths in the outer corner.
  • Spikey Eye Lash Map Stickers: Create a bold, textured look with this lash map that features alternating lengths for a dramatic effect.

Why Choose GladGirl Lash Map Stickers?

  • Quick and easy application for professional results.
  • Comfortable fit on any eye gel patch or tape.
  • Helps you provide a customized lash look for your clients effortlessly.

Enhance your eyelash extension services with GladGirl Doll Eye Lash Map Stickers and explore our other styles to suit every client's unique preference.

Find your way to that perfect Doll Eye every time! GladGirl lash maps are available in a range of styles and length options, view them all here.