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Disposable Mascara Brush & Lash Separator - 25 per Quantity

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GladGirl® Disposable Mascara Brush and Lash Separator is a must have, versatile tool for the professional eyelash technician. The brush can be utilized to straighten, separate and select natural lashes for an easy application of extensions. Be sure to keep your wand handy, as you’ll want to periodically brush through your lash set as you’re working to be sure all the extensions are going in the correct direction. These brushes also make a fab take-home gift for your customers at the end of their service.

Clients can also use the spoolie to keep their lashes looking great and maintain that salon look in between appointments. Separate and groom the easy way with the Disposable Mascara Brush and Lash Separator.


These wands aren’t just for lash artists! If you’re a makeup artist these are for you as well! Toss these wands in your makeup kit to use as disposable mascara wands to keep all your clients safe and sanitary! If your client chooses to not take the brush home, be sure to toss it as these brushes are not reusable.