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Disposable Glue Tray - 25 per Quantity

Fall in love with our multifunctional Disposable Glue Tray! This tray is designed for the queen (or king) of multi-tasking. It features five wells that can be used in a multitude of ways. This light-weight lash tool is perfect for the lash lover who might need to use multiple products at once (glue, remover, tints, makeup) or change out their glue drop during a set.

And the best part? No clean up! Just toss the disposable glue tray when you’re finished and spend your day doing something other than worrying about that glue mess in your salon. See How to Use.

Calling all multitaskers! Our Disposable Glue Tray is your next fav tool - you can use up to five products at once. Needing to remove lashes, put a new set on, and tint the brows all within the same service? No problem! Just simply add your fav GladGirl® product to each of the five wells and forget about messing with a new palette every time! This helps streamline all your processes, as well as saves you precious time at the end of the day with less clean up! Lash on multitasker, lash on. 


How to Use: Disposable Glue Tray for Eyelash Extensions

  1. Begin by adding your favorite GladGirl® products to any or all of the five wells and lash away.
  2. When finished, simply toss your tray for easy clean up every time.