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Compact Tweezer Case

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Keep your fav tools organized and protected with Glad Lash® embossed pink Compact Tweezer Case. This case is ideal if you’re a traveling lash or brow artist, as you can carry up to six of your most cherished tools with you in one compact case. This case can hold tweezers or other tools that are up to 5” in length, making it perfect for not only lash extension tweezers, but spoolies, scissors and other beauty necessities.

Be sure to stay cute and organized while on the go, or simply as storage in your salon. Tweezers are a Lash Lover's best friend, so be sure to give them the protection they deserve with our Compact Tweezer Case.

This light weight, ultra cute compact tool case helps you keep all of your tools organized front and center. This case can be easily tossed in a work or traveling artist bag to quickly take on the go. It can also be used in your salon and simply placed on the bed next to your client for quick access to your most used tools, helping keep them from hitting the floor if the bed's accidentally bumped. Keep cute and stay organized on the go with Glad Lash® Compact tweezer case. Tools not included.


This case is ultra easy when it comes to keeping it clean and sanitized! Simply wipe this case down with a disinfectant wipe at the end of the day to remove any contaminants it may have picked up throughout the day.