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Cat Eye Lash Map Sticker


GladGirl Cat Eye Lash Map Stickers help you give your customers that customized lash look in record time. Perfect for eyelash extension mapping to quickly and easily place the correct length for your Cat Eye style. This mapping specifically lifts the shape of the eye by placing the longest lengths in the outer corner. These maps fit comfortably on any eye gel patch or tape under the eye.

Find your way to that perfect lash look! GladGirl lash maps are available in a range of styles and length options, view them all here.

GladGirl Cat Eye Lash Map Stickers are ideal for the traveling lash artist as you can simply throw them in your bag, without having to struggle with bringing pens/markers to use to map out your sets! These maps are also perfect for those artists just starting out, as it takes the guesswork out of mapping your clients specific unique style. Just simply place the maps down and lash away! Does your client want a unique shape or do you need to customize the maps a bit more? No problem with these maps, as the matte surface is easy to write on for those unique styles. Lash away and create the most “pure-fect” lash set with these Cat Eye maps!

  • Mixed length sheet includes: 8 pairs Long, 8 pairs XL and 8 pairs XXL

How to Use: Doll Eye Lash Map Sticker

  1. Before placing the lash map sticker, be sure to properly protect the lower lash line by placing an under eye pad / tape to help prevent any adhesive transfering onto the lower lashes 
  2. Select your desired style and length and remove both the left and right sticker; placing them on the corresponding eye.
  3. To place the stickers, with sanitized hands gently lift the upper eyelid and place the stickers under the natural upper lashes.
  4. To remove, simply remove with the under eye pads at the end of the service.


Cat Eye mapping styles are perfect for those clients looking to lift the corner of their eye and create a “winged out” appearance. This style is ideal for a client who has large round or almond shaped eyes. Steer clear of this mapping if your clients have smaller eyes as this will close them off even more.