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Brow Lamination Brush - 25 per quantity

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Designed specifically for brow lovers who love their brow lamination, GladGirl® Brow Lamination Brush will help you achieve full and fluffy brows in record time. This handy brush helps keep those brows going the direction you want them before, during and after the brow lamination application. This Lamination brush comes equipped with clear covers to help protect the brush while not in use and also makes for a fantastic aftercare gift for your clients.

Be Brow Beautiful and get those Eyebrows on Point!

Run, don’t walk, to grab these must have Brow Lamination Brushes. These Brushes are smaller and less flexible than your average spoolie, making them ideal for hard to maneuver brows. These brushes are also a great tool to use while shaping your clients brows, as they’ll help ensure even the last layer of hairs are brushes up and into place. The Plastic covers allow you to protect the brush while not in use, and can be a great after service gift to your clients, so they can keep those brows in place during the day! These brushes should never be used on multiple people, and should be tossed after your service if your client chooses not to take theirs home! Get those “Soap Brows” in no time with GladGirl® Brow Lamination Brush.

HOW TO: Brow Lamination Brush

  1. Start by grabbing a clean and new Brush and removing the clear cover.
  2. Place the brush at the root of the eyebrow hair and brush in an upward motion.
  3. If you find some hairs are hard to maneuver, try wiggling your brush back and growth as you brush upward to snag even the most difficult of hairs.
  4. When finishes, toss the brush or give to your client as a take home gift.