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Backhand Lasher

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Create unforgettable lash sets all while working from your hand with GladGirl® Backhand Lasher! This tool offers the convenience of working off the back of your hand with a velcro custom design client palette, without the pain and mess of taping lashes to your hand. As an added bonus, this lasher also helps stabilize your wrist, protecting you from work related injury!

The natural curve of your hand spreads extensions apart for easy removal and speeds up your application time by placing the extensions in close proximity to your client's eyes. Palette holds 8 rows of extensions. So sit down, wrap that wrist and lash like the pro you are with GladGirl® Backhand Lasher. See How to Use.

Protect those money making hands with GladGirl® Backhand Lasher! This lasher wraps around your wrist, helping protect and stabilize your hand from over rotation, or redundant movements. This application tool also helps with organization as it comes with 10 velcro client application pallets; simply add your client’s unique length and weight lashes and store the palette when you’re finished. These pallets are also amazing for leaving client notes like style likes and dislikes, glue used, allergies or any other important information discussed during your appointment (you'll never miss another birthday again!) Lash with ease, comfort and protection with GladGirl®.

How to Use: Backhand Lasher

  1. First, add up to 8 strips of lashes to your velcro client palette; using this time to also add any lash style, or length notes.
  2. Place your thumb in the Backhand lasher and wrap around your wrist. Fasten with velcro, keeping it tight yet moveable. Comfort is key!
  3. Attach your client palette to the back of your hand, placing anywhere that feels right to you. Adjust if needed.
  4. When finished, first remove the palette and update any notes- store in a safe place until the following appointment.
  5. Remove your wrist wrap and store in a cool dry place.

Customer's Please Note

This product contains latex.

Purchase Includes: 

  • 1 Backhand Lasher
  • 10 Client Case & Velcro Palettes. (Refill client palettes are available here.)