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Angel Lint Free Eye Gel Patches - 10 Pairs per Quantity

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Provide your client with ultimate comfort and pampering with GladGirl® Angel Lint Free Eye Gel Patches. These patches are uniquely designed to fit snugly under your clients eye to provide comfort and under eye protection during your classic, volume or mega volume lash sets! Let your client lay back and relax while these aloe, green tea and collagen infused gel pads work to help brighten and hydrate their under eye.

Leave your clients looking like angels themselves with GladGirl® Angel Lint Free Eye Gel Patches. See How to Use below.

Leave your clients singing from the heavens with GladGirl® Angel Lint Free Eye Gel Patches. These patches are designed to help keep the lower natural lashes safe from adhesive as well as protect the delicate under eye. These hydro-gel pads are made thin to ensure maximum comfort for all your lash loving customers. Simply place these pads under your clients eye and follow up with lash tape to ensure every lower lash is covered throughout your entire appointment. Go the extra pampering mile; trust us, your clients will thank you!


How to Use: Angel Lint Free Eye Gel Patches 

  1. Start with cleansed natural lashes.
  2. Remove under eye lash pads from packaging and place on bottom lashes, ensuring to leave space between the pad and waterline to keep from causing eye irritation and pain.
  3. We recommend using lash tape on top of the lint free gel pads to help ensure all those bottom lashes are covered for the duration of the appointment.
  4. When finished, gently remove from bottom lashes and toss in the trash.

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