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3M Transpore Surgical Tape - 2 per Quantity

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Keep lower lashes tamed and protected with 3M Transpore Surgical Tape. This transparent and perforated tape offers a heavy duty hold on any skin type as well as watery eyes, yet is gentle on the skin as it’s latex free and hypoallergenic! This easy to tear tape will help hold down those lower lashes when placed on top of the GladGirl® Under-Eye Pad of your choice. This comfortable tape is also a great option if you are using a darker under-eye pad to see those blonde lashes, as this tape is transparent and won’t obscure your view.

Lash with ease and strength using 3M Transpore Surgical Tape. See How to Use below.

This tape is a fantastic choice if you have a client who may have watery eyes or a sensitivity to latex as this strong hold tape is latex free! If you’re ever in question to a sensitivity, err on the side of caution and reach for 3M Transpore Surgical tape! This tape can also be used to help tighten the inner or outer corners of the eyelid to help place extension those hard to reach inner/outer lashes!


How to Use: 3M Transpore Surgical Tape

  1. After cleaning and prepping your clients lashes, easily tear away your intended length with ease as this tape is perforated.
  2. Place on top of your GladGirl® Under-Eye Pad, ensuing to cover every lower lash that may be sticking out of the under eye pad.
  3. When finished, check that no lashes are stuck to the tape before removal and then simply toss in the trash and move on with your lashing day.

Pro Tip: 

This tape can also be used to maneuvre the upper lid to help reach those inner and outer corner lashes. To do this, make sure you place the tape on the back of your hand first to remove a bit of stick as you don’t want to cause discomfort to your client when removal time comes. Also, ensure your clients eyes are still completely closed after you place the tape using an eyelash extension mirror!