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3M Sensitive Skin Low Trauma Tape

Keep those bottom lashes secure and protected with Sensitive Skin Low Trauma Tape. This tape is a must have to use on any client who may be sensitive to other tapes, as well as have any allergies to latex as it is latex-free! This easy to tear tape is easily removed with little to no pulling or tugging on those delicate under eyes, and can also be repositioned as needed throughout your service. This is a great tape to grab for those clients who have watery eyes as it is water-resistant, hypoallergenic and breathlable.

Use this tape above or below lash extension pads for extra lower lash protection. Never get caught unprepared again! See more about How to Use.

How to Use: 3M Sensitive Skin Low Trauma Tape

  1. Depending on personal preference you can apply this tape under or on top of eyelash extension pads.
  2. Tear away the length you'd like to use and place directly on the lashes that are still exposed.
  3. When your lash set is complete, use extreme caution and gently peel the tape away from the natural lash, ensuring no lashes are stuck to the tape before removal.
  4. Toss in the trash when finished.