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3M Microfoam Tape

Options are a girl's best friend- and so is 3M Microfoam tape. You’ll want to keep this tape handy if you have clients who prefer you don’t use eye pads whether they are sensitive to any of the ingredients or simply don’t enjoy the feeling of the gel pads. This microfoam tape is hypoallergenic and contains no rubber latex or dry natural rubber in the product or packaging! The thicker pad offers all direction stretch, under eye protection and as an added bonus is waterproof; meaning those watery eyes will be no match for the adhesive!

Keep your options open and your 3M Microfoam tape on hand for whatever the lashing day throws your way. See below for how to use this product and pro tip.

Toss those under eye pads and streamline your lash prep process with 3M Microfoam tape. This ultra thick foam tape is designed to be used without the need for under eye pads. This hypoallergenic tape can be placed directly on the lower lashes to protect them from excess adhesive as well as keeps the under eye free of any injury associated with your tweezer tips!


How to Use: 3M Microfoam Tape

  1. Start with clean and dry lashes.
  2. Cut the length of tape you'd like to use and place directly on the exposed lower lashes.
  3. When your lash set is complete, use extreme caution and gently peel the tape away from the natural lash, ensuring no lashes are stuck to the tape before removal.
  4. Toss in the trash when finished. 

Pro Tip

Leave a bit of space between the waterline and foam tape to ensure no eye irritation occurs.