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Signature Spike Lashes


Lash Lovers - Your Spikey Lash sets just got a whole lot easier with GladGirl’s NEW Signature Spike Lashes. These spike lash extensions are the holy grail of easy and effective spiked and wispy sets. Say goodbye to hand-making spiked lashes with volume lash extensions, and the tedious process that comes with it! With these pre-made spiked lashes you can simply grab your desired spike length and curl and apply; as simple as 1...2...3!

These lashes come in a variety of lengths ranging from 8mm-20mm. C curl is available in a mixed-length tray, and D curl is available in 2 mixed-length tray options and individual-length trays of 19mm or 20mm. So, all your client's wants and dreams can now easily be met with GladGirl® Signature Spike Lashes, it really will be love at first spike!

Run, don't walk to grab these innovative and life changing Pre-Made Spiked lashes. These spiked lash extensions come pre compressed into the perfect spike for your wispy or strip lash sets. Stop wasting time pinching and compressing your volume lashes into spikes that can easily come apart once brushes. These spikes stay tightly compressed together through your clients brushing through their lashes out multiple times a day. The jet black color of these lashes will leave heads turning with how eye catching and dramatic the spiked can be! 

These trays come in 0.07mm thickness:

  • C Curl, mixed length, 8mm-15mm,
  • D Curl, mixed length, 16mm-18mm
  • D Curl, 19mm
  • D Curl, 20mm


Pro Tip

Because of the diameter and slightly rounded shape of these spikes, they can twist around in your tweezers if too much pressure is applied to the middle of the lash. To combat this, try removing the lash from the tray by the top half, applying less pressure than you would when grabbing a volume fan.