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Signature Mink Mixed Length Techno-Color Lashes - D Curl

Sapphire Sea
Pink Pixie
Bronze Babe
Rainbow Raver

GladGirl Signature Mink Mixed Length Techno-Color Lashes have been designed to give all your customers the colors they have been craving for that dance floor! Each 24-row mixed-length tray is handmade with the perfect color combo for achieving a super-fun, yet super-chic ombre effect and is designed for Volume & Mega Volume Lash Fans. Get the party started...P.L.U.R....Peace, LASHES, Unity, Respect!

Sapphire Sea Lashes have three shades of blue with a splash of white lashes, the gradual blending of these hues will compliment your customer's ocean eyes.

Pink Pixie Lashes with four shades of pink in an ombre style to bring out those blushing shades of love and light in your customer's eyes.

Bronze Babe Lashes for the tigress in all of us. Alternate shades of brown and gold. Create the perfect lash match for those customers with light to fair complexion. Mix the colors for a custom look as unique as your customer.

Rainbow Raver Lashes are for that Kandi Kid who enjoys a good light show and the dance floor. Crafting a vibrant look and trend all your own has never been easier. Distinguish this lash moment with a standout lash style.

Available colors:

  • Sapphire Sea 24 Rows - D Curl .05 x 10-15mm - 24 Rows
  • Pink Pixie 24 Rows -D Curl .05 x 10-15mm - 24 Rows
  • Bronze Babe 12 Rows -D Curl .05 x 9-16mm - 16 Rows
  • Rainbow Raver 12 Rows -D Curl .03 x 15mm - 16 Rows

Ombre The bottom 2/3rd base of the lash is white color and the top 1/3rd of the lash fades into a deep rich pop of color.