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GladGirl German Stainless Steel Scissors

Product Type

Don’t leave the house without these German Stainless Steel Scissors in your kit! You have four different blade shapes and sizes to choose from, ensuring that you’ll always have the proper tools for the job. 

Scissor Types

Curved Tip

These curved tip blades are ideal for trimming eyebrow hairs, as the curved nature helps shield the skin from accidental knicks and also grabs and holds the brows, rather than pushing them away as you cut.

Straight Tip

The straight tip scissors are ideal for both brow and MUA. Grab these scissors if you need to trim and shape brows or if you need to shorten any strip lashes. The longer blades allow you to have your fingers farther from the hairs, giving you a better line of sight and allowing you to get the perfect cut.


These ultra cute butterfly shaped scissors are the perfect way to bring some cute and fun energy to your beauty space. These are ideal for both brows and strip lashes, and make super cute decor between appointments.


These curved and adorable crane scissors should be your go to for cute and practical salon decor that can easily trim and shape brows. The curved nature of these scissors give you the perfect angle for trimming unruly brow hairs with the perfect line of sight and ease on your wrist.


As these scissors are stainless steel, be sure to sanitize them between each client per your specific state board requirements.