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Disposable Flocking Applicator - 25 per Quantity

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GladGirl® Disposable Flocking Applicator is the multifunctional tool you’ve been searching for. Get the most out of your eyelash extension primers and removers with this pack of 25 applicators. These applicators are ideal for removing products, as the “doe-skin” texture helps cling to and remove any extra product left over. This Flocking Applicator is not only great for lashes but brows as well, as you can place brow lamination products as well as remove the products with this tool!

Make-up artists can also benefit from these applicators, as they are perfect for lip product application, and can be tossed right after for ultra sanitization.

Don’t get caught without these multi-purpose flocked applicator brushes! These applicators can be used for a variety of services and products including Pre and Post Eyelash Extension Primers, Lash extension cream removers, placing and removing brow tint and lamination products as well as makeup applications! These applicators are ultra absorbent and will pick up hard to remove products from the skin, lash and brow hairs. Be prepared and ready for anything your appointment throws at you!

How to remove Brow Lamination or Tint with Flocking Applicator 

  1. Grab a handful of applicators and have them handy as you may need to use multiple per service to remove all your product.
  2. Wet applicator with distilled water and gently wipe across brows ensuring to remove as much product per swipe as possible.
  3.  Repeat with a clean applicator until the skin and hairs are completely free of any brow product. 
  4. Follow up by brushing through the brows with a Spoolie and dry using GladGirl®Cat Ear Blade-less Handheld Fan.