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Glad Lash Signature Volume Fans 6D


Exquisitely hand-made, Glad Lash® Quick Release Volume Eyelash Extension Fans are now available in pre-made 6D (6 hair) configuration!

Truly a work of art, these 6D mink lashes will effortlessly lift up from the patented quick release tape without damaging any of the hairs. These lashes are perfect for lash artists who want to work quickly and offer a variety of lash services.

Available in .05 and 0.7 thickness and 10mm through 14mm lengths for volume lashing.

These volume fans are available in a range of dimension options, view them all here.

Volume lashing is an effective and exciting technique for creating a full look, but can be very difficult and expensive to master. Now, with the pre-made Glad Lash® Quick Release Volume Vegan Eyelash Extension Fans you can give your customers that ultra thick look while maintaining the ultra light feel without spending additional time and money on training.

Each Volume Fan is fused at the base with either .05 or .07 ultra-light lashes in either C or D Curl and available in single size trays of 12mm through 16mm. 60 fans per tray. Increase revenue and lash-faction while decreasing application time with the new Glad Lash® Quick Release Volume Eyelash Extension Fans.

Please Note: Volume Fans must be removed from the tray by applying slow, even pressure on each hair with an L Type Volume Tweezers

  • Hairs: 6 per fan