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Flare Lash Delicates 20D


We’ve brought together 2 of our most outstanding lash styles to make 1 incredible stand-out star, the Flare Lash Delicates 20D by Glad Lash. This new lash is hand crafted with high-quality single strand synthetic mink fibers. Available in either C or D Curl with 3 length options: 10, 12 and 14mm. Or buy them on a mixed length tray. Choose between .07 or an ultra-light .05 diameter for volume application.

Flare Lash Delicates are perfect for those who love the look of Single Strand Individual Eyelash Extensions, but want the quick and easy do-it-yourself application that Flare Lashes offer. The Flare Lash Delicates can either be applied by a lash professional or on your own.

For a 1-2 day hold, our Lash Lock Strip and Flare Lash Glue is the ideal selection for this application. For 1-2 week hold use Ardell LashTite Adhesive. And for the best placement of the lashes, make sure you have a good grip at the base of the lashes and grab them all together with either an L-type or Doe Foot Tweezer.

Take your cluster-flare to the next, natural level with the convenience and grace of the Flare Lash Delicates by Glad Lash.

  • 60 clusters per tray
  • Hand Made
  • Synthetic Mink
  • Thickness: .05
  • Lengths: 10,12 and 14mm (one row of each per tray)
  • Number of Hairs: 20 per cluster