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6D Heat Bonded PreMade Fans - Mega Volume


Exquisitely hand-made, GladGirl® Heat Bonded Pre Made Fans - Mega Volume are now available in 6D! Perfect for the lash artist who wants to work quickly while offering those customers with busy lifestyles a variety of lash choices. These light weight fans are also a great option for artists who haven't yet mastered the technique for creating pro-made volume fans by hand.

Truly a work of art, these pre made fans have 6 individual synthetic mink hairs joining at the finest of bases. They effortlessly lift up from the tray without damaging any of the delicate hairs - all thanks to the patented quick release tape technology. Made from faux mink, these GladGirl® 6D lashes are the smart, vegan and cruelty free choice.

400 handmade fans per tray available in C and D Curl .03 x 9mm through 15mm.

Save time and get amazing results with Pre-Made Volume Fans by GladGirl.

  • Handmade Mega Volume Fans
  • Heat Bonded
  • Faux Mink
  • 400 Fans Per Box