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Signature Mink Mixed Length Techno-Color Lashes - CC Curl

Pink Pixie
Sapphire Sea
Lavender Lux
Cherry Cupid

Introducing the ultimate accessory for the boldest and brightest personalities out there - the GladGirl Signature Mink Mixed Length Techno-Color Lashes! Prepare to take your lash game to the next level with these stunning lashes that will make your customers stand out on the dance floor.

Crafted by hand with a 16-row mixed-length tray, these lashes are perfectly designed to deliver the color combos that everyone's been craving. Achieve a super-fun and chic ombre effect that will leave everyone in awe. And with the added benefit of being specifically designed for Volume & Mega Volume Lash Fans, you can rest assured that these lashes will deliver maximum volume and impact.

So let's get this party started with GladGirl Signature Mink Mixed Length Techno-Color Lashes! Spread the message of P.L.U.R. - Peace, LASHES, Unity, and Respect - and let your customers shine like never before!

Sapphire Sea Lashes have three shades of blue with a splash of white lashes, the gradual blending of these hues will compliment your customer's ocean eyes.

Pink Pixie Lashes with four shades of pink in an ombre style to bring out those blushing shades of love and light in your customer's eyes.

Lavender Lux Lashesfor the royal spirit within us all, let's talk about lashes that embrace the regal color of purple. So let's unleash the inner royalty with these purple-inspired lashes that will leave a lasting impression. With every blink, your customers will feel like they are reigning supreme with the perfect lash match fit for a queen.

Cherry Cupid Lashes Crafted with the same boldness and intensity as the color of cherries, these lashes will make you stand out on the dance floor and steal the show. So let's distinguish this lash moment with a standout lash style that is as sweet and irresistible as the taste of fresh cherries.

Available colors:

  • Sapphire Sea - CC Curl .05 x 12-15mm - 16 Rows
  • Pink Pixie - CC Curl .05 x 12-15mm - 16 Rows
  • Lavender Lux - CC Curl .05 x 12-15mm - 16 Rows
  • Cherry Cupid - CC Curl .05 x 12-15mm - 16 Rows

Ombre The bottom 2/3rd base of the lash is white color and the top 1/3rd of the lash fades into a deep rich pop of color.