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Signature Mink Lashes - C Curl

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Signature Mink Lashes C Curl by GladGirl® will give your clients a highly desirable, yet soft look that will have every head turning. These award-winning, vegan, synthetic mink lashes provide you the perfect opportunity to create an outstanding volume look crafted for the specific needs of your individual clients. Whether your clients are looking for a natural hybrid, classic, volume, or mega volume set, you can rely on these lashes will perform every time.

These C Curl Signature Mink Lashes are available in thickness .02 through .25 and length 8 through 20mm and mixed length trays. To view all options for this product please click here.

Please Note: We are updating our packaging and labels may vary, but our fabulous lashes remain the same!

GladGirl® Signature Mink Lashes have been recognized by the pros and voted "Best Lash Extensions" in the DAYSPA Professionals Choice Awards in 2019 and again in 2020. GladGirl® These beautiful and natural C curl extensions will give your clients a very slight curl, keeping the set natural and soft. These lashes come in 0.02mm - 0.25mm in thickness and range in length from 8mm - 20mm with mixed trays also available. Be sure to always have a few trays of C curl on hand in each length as this is a very popular curl! 


These lashes can be paired with another curl to help create texture and a fun look that will keep your clients coming back time and time again!