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LashLift™ Silicone Eyelash Perming Curler Set - 5 Sizes


Calling all Lash Lift Lovers- Make sure you’re always giving your clients the perfect curl with GladGirl LashLift™ Eyelash Perming Silicone Pad-Curlers. You’ll want to keep these silicone lash perming curlers in your salon if you love to give each of your clients a personalized lash lift created just for them!

This set contains 5 pairs of lash lift curlers ranging from size S, M, M1, M2, L; you’ll never run out of options for getting that absolute perfect curl every time! See how to use instructions below.

Get that perfect B, C, CC, D or DD Curl!

Give your clients the lash lift of their dreams with GladGirl LashLift™ Eyelash Perming Silicone Pad-Curlers. These lash lift curlers are designed to be used with our Lash Lift Kit, and are perfect for having a bigger range of curl sizes to help customize each clients final result. These curlers are color coded, making it easier for you to quickly see which curl you need, rather than sorting through piles of silicone pads during your appointment. Clean up is a breeze, as you simply want to wash your silicone lash curler in mild fragrance-free soap and warm water, and let air dry between clients. Now you can ensure that you give each of your clients the right curl that keeps them coming back time after time!


How to Use: LashLift™ Silicone Eyelash Perming Curler Set

  1. Start with a pair of clean and sanitize silicone lash curlers.
  2. Choose your perfect curl by placing the curler over your clients lid, and determining which curl will give your clients their desired outcome.
  3. Attach the lash curler to your clients lid by applying Fixing Gel to the back of the pad and then gently pressing onto the lid for proper adhesion.
  4. When finished, gently remove from the lid and clean with warm water and mild soap, immediately after the service is complete. 

Pro Tip

For easier, pain free pad removal, apply a small amount of Nourishing Lotion to a microfiber brush and sweep under the silicone pad to help loosen the adhesive for easier removal.