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Training Mannequin Head

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Practice until it’s perfect with GladGirl® Training Mannequin Head. This training head is ideal for practicing your lashing technique before the real deal! Life-size, this soft-silicone mannequin head is designed to help develop your eyelash extension application skills and allows you to feel what a real client will feel like, helping you get comfortable maneuvering around the nose, practicing proper hand placement and switching tweezer angles from one eye to the other.

Practice until you’re the lashing expert with GladGirl® Training Mannequin Head.

For initial preparation with your Training Head, utilize- tape, stickers, or gel patches, practicing proper placement under the eye. Once the preparation is successfully achieved, be sure to place GladGirl® practice lashes on your mannequin's eyes, keeping the lashes close to the lash line, mimicking the natural placement of lashes. After you’ve successfully placed the practice lashes, start lashing away! This mannequin head is ideal for classic, hybrid or volume lash applications. Keep on practicing Lash Lovers!


How to Use: Training Mannequin Head

  1. Begin by placing your mannequin directly on your lashing bed, or on top of your GladGirl® EyeLash Extension Pillow. 
  2. Practice proper eye pad placement by ensuring your pads are covering where the natural lower lashes would be, but keeping a small distance between the pad and waterline.
  3. Be sure to apply practice lashes to the mannequin, ideally after eye pad placement for easier application.
  4. Practice away! When finished you can remove the practice lashes and eye pads ( some eye pads will be difficult to remove from the silicone surface of the mannequin if left for a prolonged amount of time.)

Pro Tip

This mannequin head is not only for beginner artists… Experienced artists can benefit from regular practice during quieter seasons, and also use this tool when perfecting new techniques!