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Wednesday Wink - Sweat-Proof Your Athletic Client's Eyelash Extensions in 4 Easy Steps


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Posted by Sarah Moore on September 27, 2017

Do you have clients who practice hot yoga and soul cycle? If so, what does this mean for your precious lash extensions? Don't YOU worry about a little sweat... I say, Lash On! Clients with an athletic lifestyle will thrive with proper education. I have four tips for you that will keep your lash work in great shape...

Protect Lashes from the Elements:

  1. Seal the deal with lash lock coating sealant. This protects beautiful lashes from sweat, dirt and water, and reduces the risk of breaking down the lash adhesive, so you don't have to skip your workout to maintain your glamorous ways!
  2. Cleanse dirt and oils with Wash and Wink. Use as needed. If you aren’t oily then space it out.
  3. Evian spray is a mist-have! I will continue to reference this product for many uses - it's so versatile. When your face gets oily during the day, a mist to the face works like toner keeping lashes fresh between uses of Wash and Wink.
  4. Invest in lash goggles, otherwise known as HUGE sunglasses! If you're working-out outside the elements can be way more invasive than a sweaty workout room. Protect yourself.

One of my clients is an Olympian in the sport of dressage ;) . After seeing her recently, she says her one saving grace for eyelash glam are her sunglasses. She mentioned that while she is cycling and hiking, glasses protect her lashes from their nemesis - the wind! I was also reminded that eyelash extensions for an athlete is a next level life blessing - sweat is a nightmare for mascara and causes it to run down your face.

Praise lashes for keeping us beautiful through every lifestyle! Glad Lash has everything you will need in the fabulous After Care Kit! And, you can find more tips on how to protect your lashes in this complete summer guide to after care. How's your eyelash retention working out for you? Let me know in the comments below and please share if you have any tips. We would love to hear from you :)

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

A glad girl from the start, expert eyelash artist, Sarah Elaine Moore has been bringing Glad Lash eyelash extensions into the homes of her premier Hollywood clients for over thirteen years. Sarah attended the Make Up Designory in Burbank CA in 2002, studying Film & Television Makeup. She has also trained with the world-renowned Fletcher Pilates Company, where she spent six years exploring how beauty professionals can prevent injury and increase longevity in their careers. Sarah is currently Volume Lash Trainer at Glad Lash Academy. Her mission through her guest posts on the Glad Lash Blog is to make the best better, inspiring confidence and instilling value in eyelash artists and clients.

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