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Wednesday Wink - Make Volume Your New Year's Resolution

Volume Lashes for The New Year

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Posted by Sarah Moore on December 21, 2016

If you have been practicing classic lash extensions for over a year, you may have enough experience for a new challenge. Taking the time to become volume lash certified is a great way to start off the new year. One of the many benefits of volume lashes versus classic lashes is providing your clients with longer lash retention. Some say that learning how to do volume techniques can be like learning how to do lash extensions all over again. It can be a brain bender, re-training your wrist and hand movements. Your routine is going to be turned upside down, but it's all for the best! I'm here to tell you that, like mastering all things, it takes time. The ole saying goes, it takes 10,000 hours of doing something before you are an expert. Be patient with yourself when learning any new skill. Pretty soon you’ll get to a new level with your talents long before 10,000 sets of eyes.

Discipline Equals Freedom

Master volume artists were once challenged too, but they pushed through the discomfort with countless hours of practice. When you see a master lash artist making perfect fans, know that their skill took discipline, day in and day out. The free-flowing feeling of creating perfect fans comes when you are willing to put in the practice. Soon enough, doing your best will result in a very valuable talent. Even after a decade of eyelashing, with more than seven of those years using volume techniques, there are times that I make a couple of fans I don’t like - most of the time it's because I’ve had too much coffee :) What I am saying is, always be patient with where you are with your process. There are lots of artists on social media - from beginners to master volume lash artists. It's a luxury to have access to this community, but remember to put things into perspective. In life we are always one step behind someone else, and one step more advanced than another. Try not to compare your skills to others. There is a ladder of skill levels, and by doing the best right where you are, we all climb together. Whatever your 2017 goals may be, set them for the new year, and take the first steps towards a better more valuable you xo

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

A glad girl from the start, expert eyelash artist, Sarah Elaine Moore has been bringing Glad Lash eyelash extensions into the homes of her premier Hollywood clients for over thirteen years. Sarah attended the Make Up Designory in Burbank CA in 2002, studying Film & Television Makeup. She has also trained with the world-renowned Fletcher Pilates Company, where she spent six years exploring how beauty professionals can prevent injury and increase longevity in their careers. Sarah is currently Volume Lash Trainer at Glad Lash Academy. Her mission through her guest posts on the Glad Lash Blog is to make the best better, inspiring confidence and instilling value in eyelash artists and clients.

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