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Rose: Candy for the Eyes

Rose: Candy for the Eyes

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Posted by GladGirl Team on September 16, 2013

Roses are more than just eye candy. Turns out a dash of rose oil or a spritz of rose water has the power to turn you into eye candy! Roses are versatile, both cosmetically and medicinally. Rose water drops wash dirt and debris from your eyes, and a touch of rose oil patted on delicate skin can soothe fine lines and dryness. Get ready to prep those eyes for lash extensions with all things rose!

Sensitive and Romantic

Even sensitive skins, or should we say especially sensitive skins, benefit from the gentle, hydrating properties of rose water. While other toners can strip sensitive skins of oils and moisture, rose water delicately wipes away impurities while it refreshes. Rose water isn’t merely a sensual smelling, flavored water. It’s loaded with antibacterial tannins and antioxidant flavonoids that calm irritated skin, tighten skin cells and revitalize skin tissue. Rose water also contains natural sugars and oils that seal in moisture for all-day hydration. When eyelids get heavy with fatigue or dry with fine lines, treat the sensitive skin around your eyes to a rose bath. Apply rose water with a soaked cotton ball, or mist face throughout the day. It’s perfect for setting makeup and won’t cause mascara to run!

Healing Perfume

There’s a reason the smell of roses simulates romance. Spray the rose water and enjoy the light scent of rose as it follows you throughout the day. Believe it or not, a whiff of rose has been known to alleviate digestive upset by healing heartache and grief. The smell of roses triggers specific healing systems in your body that help stabilize emotions and promote wellness.

Indulge with Rose Oil

Rose oil, which is distilled from rose hips, is even more potent than rose water, which is extracted from rose petals. Scientific research has tracked the anti-aging properties of rosehips, noted for their vitamin C content—up to 7%! (Vitamin C contains a miniscule 0.5% by comparison!) Rose oil is expensive, and the commercial varieties don’t pack as substantive of a vitamin C punch as 7%, but they are still loaded with essential fatty acids (EFAs) that strengthen cell membranes, diminish scars, rejuvenate damaged skin and accelerate healing. Rose oil must not be applied directly to skin, but diluted in carrier oils like jojoba or almond oils—moisturizing, all natural beauty treatments in their own right!

How to Make Rose Water

When buying rose water, opt for the 100% pure form. Or you can make your own! All it takes is fresh roses, a large pot and distilled water. Place two to three quarts of fresh roses in a pot and add just enough water to cover the rose petals. Simmer until the rose petals lose their color. Every 20 minutes, lift the lid and remove about a tablespoon of rose water. Be sure not to over simmer, as the rose water will lose its potency. While you’re making your rose water be sure to breathe in deeply, healing any pangs of regret or heartache that may be lingering.

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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