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Make It Up Monday - Making a Unique #TimesUp Statement with Makeup

Make a statement with makeup

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Posted by Heather Coopersmith on January 22, 2018

Every year the Globes are exciting! Award season starts off with the Golden Globes. The red carpet glitz, the glamour, the clothes, the stories behind the stories. It's all there. But, this year the ambiance was more serious. The #TimesUp movement gave the Golden Globes a topical, feminist voice that was showcased at the awards. The movement's definition is:

...a movement of women, people of color and LGBTQ members of the entertainment industry, advocating for leadership and hiring practices that reflect the reality of our audiences to inspire authentic content creation and safer workplaces by the end of this decade.

#TimesUp - Truly a beyond worthy cause to support!

This manifested at the Globes with everyone wearing black in solidarity, as seen in the photo of the cast of Big Little Lies. Supporters also wore pins that stated the #TimesUp motto and celebrities brought advocates from all walks of life and organizations to address the cause. It wasn't "Who are you wearing this year?" but "Why are you wearing it?" I for one was deeply moved and impressed by the cohesiveness and tone of the event.

There was though, one extra special gesture that I found out about after the event that I became particularly impressed with. Rachel Goodwin, who has applied makeup to celebrities for years, chose to make a deeper statement with her makeup this year on beauty Emma Stone. Overall, I think the makeup at the Globes was appropriately understated on the women, but darling Emma's makeup reflected an era of a feminist movement from the 19th century. She stated that women of the era were known to wear sashes, pins, petticoats in purple and greens and whites to reflect the fighting for the right to vote! How poignant and absolutely stunning that a makeup artist took the initiative to make a moment like this from a creative stance. I have an incredible sense of respect towards Rachel for expressing her support in a smart and very unique way. Just one glance at Emma's red carpet look and you can see the colors of hope and freedom.

Female empowerment....this is everything and more!

Heather Coopersmith

Heather Coopersmith

With almost two decades as a professional makeup artist working on film projects, tv shows, photo shoots and weddings, LA based Heather Coopersmith brings some serious skills and knowledge to the Glad Lash Blog with her guest posts. Heather sees her art (and her hair!) as a creative outlet, and says "My world is a visual experience and I want to make you a part of it!" We're super excited to have Heather brightening up our world. You can reach out to Heather on Instagram @makeupthebride

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