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Cosmetology School – Halfway Through Beauty School and Still in Full Learning Mode


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Posted by Christy Espino on February 11, 2019

Hello, and welcome back to another installment of my cosmetology school diaries! So I am now at the halfway point of my journey, and like with all new adventures, there's definitely been some ups and downs. I definitely see myself improving and just becoming more confident as the days go by. As I mentioned in a previous post, I struggled with keeping clients dry while shampooing but I certainly have been getting better with that as well. I have a lot more dry clients these days, and that's a big improvement by itself.

My Motivation: Taking Care of Beauty for Those Who Can't

The more I shampoo and blow dry, the more I actually enjoy it! I love giving volume to a client's hair – I feel like it just adds an extra level of sassiness to their look. Not only that, but I've noticed that I can really talk and get to know people at the shampoo bowl. Oftentimes, I get single mothers and busy, business career women who just want to look nice but don't have the time or the ability to style their hair on their own. I also get elderly women who can't physically clean or dry their own hair. In all of these scenarios, I feel good to be able to help them achieve their goal of looking good – I imagine it's what a personal fitness trainer feels when they help a client reach a weight loss goal.

The Blow Drying Secret

When I was first learning how to blow dry hair, I realized it's more technical than you would assume. You have to make sure you completely dry the hair and avoid it looking frizzy. I never really used a lot of products while drying my own hair, so I had to get into the habit of doing so for clients. Things like mousse really do make a difference when it comes to adding volume. And hair serum helps keep the hair looking smooth, shiny, and sexy.

Always Improving, One Blow Dry at a Time

I feel amazing when I see my client leaving the school with their beautiful blowout. So much so, that I will admire my creation as they walk away. That's how I know I really love it. It's also wonderful to see how happy I can make my client by giving their hair new life, and I love when my colleagues give me recognition for it. It gives me confidence that I can and WILL get better in other areas as well. I'm definitely excited to see what I conquer next, and I'll continue to keep you all posted on the next segment of my cosmetology diaries.

Christy Espino

Christy Espino

Born-and-raised in Los Angeles, Christy Espino has always pursued her artistic ambitions in the arts. Currently in cosmetology school, Christy also has a bachelor's degree in screenwriting as well as a background in permanent makeup. She has a great love for writing and all things beauty-related, so there is no doubt contributing to the Glad Lash Blog comes naturally to her. Her style is witty and educational and we are pleased to share her fresh, new expertise and insight. Christy hopes to inspire men and women everywhere to explore the things they are passionate about and build a fulfilling career in beauty.

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