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Cosmetology School – Discovering Passions I Didn't Know I Had

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Posted by Christy Espino on July 01, 2019

I'm back with another chapter of my Cosmetology School Diaries. I'm another month closer to finishing my schooling, and I must say that time has really been flying by fast! Since starting school last May, I've learned so much about the world of cosmetology, as well as my own capabilities. I've mentioned in previous posts that I was considering dropping out of the program because I had my own self-doubts, but I continued to push through and I'm honestly glad that I did. Every day that goes by, I grow more and more confident that this is the right career path for me.

Finding New Passions Within My Passion

I've always felt drawn to the world of beauty, from my obsession with makeup to even feeling at home in salons. When I started school, I had recently left my job doing permanent cosmetics, so I thought that I would be more focused on the make-up aspect of cosmetology. However, as I continued to learn more about hair, I found that it is also something I truly enjoy as well.

Overcoming My Darkest Fears

I never thought much about becoming a hairstylist, mainly because I never considered myself to be good at it. Sure, I used to do my own hair, but I never felt like I had a knack for cutting, coloring, or styling other people's hair. I was weirdly obsessed with messing with my own mane, but I still figured that I would be bad at it--either I'd chop off too much hair, or just completely obliterate it by over-processing it with too much color. I was particularly terrified of working with bleach, but I've since gotten over that irrational fear.

Mastering the Art of Hairstyling – One Blow Dry at a Time

I'm lucky to say that up until now, I haven't had any major disasters. Probably the worst incidents have occurred from me drenching several clients' backs while shampooing, but I definitely would rather have that problem than the other issues mentioned above. My shampooing has gotten better as well, and I definitely feel confident about my blow-drying abilities. I think one advantage I have is that I really like to talk and connect with my clients, and I owe a lot of that skill from my time doing permanent makeup. I also love sharing stories (I am a writer, after all) and I enjoyed listening to my clients. That kind of communication is very important to the client's overall experience, and it's an almost-certain way to keep them coming back. There's a strong feeling in my gut that I will definitely succeed in this industry once I am licensed--an opposite feeling from the one I had at the beginning of my training. I now know that this was my own brain trying to sabotage me. Usually, I usually give in to the negativity, but not this time.

The Future Looks Good

I'm speaking from the bottom of my heart when I say I'm ecstatic to know that I'm only three-and-a-half months away from finishing the course and making my dreams come true. I may be reaching the final chapters in my cosmetology diaries, but soon I'll be starting a whole nother book in my life, and I can't wait to see how things play out. Stay tuned to my cosmetology school diaries to find out where this training takes me! Thank you for joining me on this journey so far!

Christy Espino

Christy Espino

Born-and-raised in Los Angeles, Christy Espino has always pursued her artistic ambitions in the arts. Currently in cosmetology school, Christy also has a bachelor's degree in screenwriting as well as a background in permanent makeup. She has a great love for writing and all things beauty-related, so there is no doubt contributing to the Glad Lash Blog comes naturally to her. Her style is witty and educational and we are pleased to share her fresh, new expertise and insight. Christy hopes to inspire men and women everywhere to explore the things they are passionate about and build a fulfilling career in beauty.

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