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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 03.20.2020 - GladGirl Stores are Closing Temporarily

GladGirl Closed

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Posted by GladGirl Team on March 19, 2020

Dear Lash Lovers, As we take a deep breath, we know we’re in this together. Yesterday, due to COVID-19, our California Governor has mandated us to stay home. Unfortunately, that means we are temporarily closing our retail stores (our website remains open at this time). We recognize that we are in a position to support the collective fight against COVID-19. Following guidance from public health authorities, we understand that practicing social distancing and reducing dense public gatherings as much as possible is critically important at this time. This is truly a global effort that requires all of our participation, and we encourage you to take responsible action in your own businesses and workplaces, as directed by your local authorities.

GladGirl Northridge and Costa Mesa Stores

Both of our stores are now closed and will remain closed until further notice. When GladGirl first opened our doors in Northridge in 2018 and Costa Mesa in 2019, we did so with the mission to bring the highest quality eyelash extensions and supplies to all lash lovers in in these areas. Since then, we have always taken our responsibility to protect the well-being of our people and community seriously. While this remains a challenging time for us all, we are inspired by the support of this community. We’d like to thank our store teams who have served our clients over the past few weeks with enthusiasm and dedication. As we continue, we greatly appreciate our e-commerce, distribution center, client services, and supply chain personnel for their strength and resilience.

What Now?

We are committed to supporting your lash and brow needs, during this time of isolation. So stay tuned for training, tips and tricks via our social media pages. Our GladGirl YouTube page has how-to videos and our blog has a wealth of content supporting a range of professional and non-professional lash lovers for our diverse clientele. Connect with us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Keeping your skills on point will be so important, once we get through this! Our thoughts and prayers are with our lash community and everyone being effected by this life changing event. Stay strong #lashlovers and take care of each other! Be assured that as soon as we are able to restore services we will be back, better than ever. We hope to be lashing again with you soon. As the situation continues to evolve, we will share updates with our community in the days ahead as we take any further action. If you have any questions you can reach reach out to us by email at support@gladgirl.com Thank you for being a loyal GladGirl. Sincerely, Esther Bolkin Founder & CEO, GladGirl

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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