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Reusable Under-eye Silicone Pad for Eyelash Extensions

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These professional silicone under eye pads are ideal for protecting the skin and and isolating eyelashes during eyelash extension application. The pads are truly innovative providing a cost effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable gel pads. Made with a dermatologically tested, high-tech silicone, the pads are reusable for up to 100 applications. They are cared for easily, only requiring washing with soap and water after each use.

This self-adherent reusable under eye pad is made from extra soft silicone and is hypoallergenic and free from any active ingredients. Our washable, under-eye silicone pads are perfect for all skin types and they can also be used for other salon services including tinting, perming and make-up.


  • Apply pad with the glossy surface directly under the eye onto the lower lashes.
  • Gently press pad onto skin for proper adhesion
  • Lower lashes and under- eye skin area are now protected from adhesive, perming, tinting and excess makeup
  • After each use wash pads using non-greasy soap and warm water
  • To ensure continued proper adhesion, shake off excess water and air dry using a lint free towel
  • We suggest using any of our medical tapes underneath the pad to help hold down the lower lashes.

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