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Glad Lash® Pre-Application Primer is designed to remove residual cosmetics and natural oils to prepare the lashes for eyelash extension application. Our Primer will cleanse and prime lashes for maximum bonding of the adhesive. Additionally, as the adhesive will bond faster, overall application time will be reduced. Primer can be used on natural or extended lashes making it ideal for both initial application and touch-ups. Our Primer will not affect any existing eyelash extension bonds. As an added bonus, the Primer works as a lovely aromatherapy treatment.
  • Advanced Eyelash Care
  • Eyelash Extension
  • Pre-Application Primer
  • Size: 100ml
  • Dispenser: Pump top

Directions: Client’s eyes should be closed when applying primer, do not apply directly on the eyes. Hold a flat, lint-free cotton pad under lashes to catch excess primer. Spray primer on a small to medium makeup pad, flocking or micro brush. Brush primer on lashes, drying time is approximately 3-5 seconds. Dry lashes thoroughly with an air-blower or fan before applying eyelash extensions.

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