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Magic Silicone Palette

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Calling all Lash Lovers - fall in love with GladGirl® Magic Silicone Palette. This soft and flexible silicone palette will be your go to if you enjoy hand crafting your volume lash fans prior to your appointments, or love using pre-made fans for quicker application. This pad works by allowing you to place loose fans on the surface for faster pick up and application times, as you no longer have to spend time creating your fans during the appointment.

Rest assured that your lashes will stay in place even if this pad is bumped or moved; say goodbye to watching lashes hit the floor! Give your clients the lash set of their dreams, in a fraction of the time with GladGirl® Magic Silicone Palette. See how to use below.

Cut those lash set times down with GladGirl® Magic Silicone Palette. Simply grab this pad when you have some free time in between appointments, and create those beautiful hand made fans that you can safely store for upcoming appointments This will be your go to lash tool if you tend to spend too much time creating fans, or if your clients may be in a rush. This palette is unique as it comes with a protective re-sealable container, allowing you to keep those fans stored overnight safely. Our Magic Silicone Palette is designed to be used alone, by simply placing it on your bed next to your client or on the back of your hand for easy access. So give your future self some love, by preparing for any lash set request (trust us, you’ll thank yourself later).


How to Use: Magic Silicone Palette

  1. Peel off protective plastic cover on both sides.
  2. Place pre-made fans on the palette for later use.
  3. Simply place this silicone palette on your lash bed or on the back of your hand for easier accessibility.
  4. When finished, place safely back in the re-sealable container, keeping your loose lashes safe for any appointment to come.

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