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Eyelash Extension Adhesive Storage Jar - 2 Bottle

Extend the life of your favorite eyelash extension adhesive with GladGirl® Adhesive Storage Jar. This jar helps extend the shelf life of your adhesive by creating a vacuum sealed, air tight and moisture-free environment to store your most prized lashing possession. By helping extend the life of your glue, you’re also saving money by not having to toss your half full adhesive bottles because you’ve hit the expiration date.

Seal the deal on fabulous retention one adhesive bottle at a time. Each jar can store 2 bottles of any 10ml extension glue, and hold your tweezers while you work.

Extend your glue shelf life with. GladGirl® Adhesive Storage Jar. This jar helps keep your glue fresh for longer periods of time by helping keep them from direct sunlight, as well as keeps air and moisture out of the bottle with its airtight seal. This jar can hold up two 10ml glues with the foam insert and more without insert or with smaller 5ml bottles.

How to Use: Eyelash Extension Adhesive Storage Jar

  1.  After placing two of your favorite 10ml adhesives in the foam insert, press valve firmly on the side of the jar to seal shut.
  2. To open Jar, press firmly on the valve and twist open.

Pro Tip

To go the extra mile, add in a silica packet (not included) to keep that moisture out and the freshness in.