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Eyelash Extension Adhesive Storage Jar

Optimize your eyelash extensions adhesive by giving them life in the Adhesive Storage Jar by GladGirl. Seal the deal with the Adhesive Storage Jar. Each jar can hold 2 bottles of any 10ml extension glue. A sturdy foam insert has been designed to hold the bottles firmly in place without shifting.

Simply remove the foam insert to switch out bottles. When the lid closes, a valve on the side of the jar releases air creating a vacuum seal. Silica packets (not included) can be placed in the seal chamber, maximizing the moisture-free environment.

Instructions for Use: Press valve firmly on the side of the jar to open and close the lid.

  • 2.2 “ x 3”
  • Color: Black
  • Holds up two 10ml glues with the foam insert and more without inset or with smaller 5ml bottles
  • Keeps glue from direct light exposure

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